Gary Ritchie, Designer & Digital Artist

The Publications Doctors

I was asked to give a presentation and critique publications brought in by attendees of the 2011 Pennsylvania Association of Environmental Educators Conference held this weekend. My presentation slides are now available for download here…

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WonderBuilders Website

WonderBuilders Website - HomeIdentity and website design and production for virtual world services provider WonderBuilders, LLC.

 Filed under: Interface, Identity

Eaton Power Solutions

Eaton Corp. - Power SolutionsIllustrations used in helping promote Eaton Corporation’s integrated power solutions.

 Filed under: Illustration, 3d-design

Virtual World Interface Graphics

Open Wonderland - Client whiteboard and other HUD iconsCreated various icons, including help graphics for the Open Wonderland virtual world platform.

 Filed under: Interface, Game-Design

Open Wonderland Server Admin

Open Wonderland - server start pageServer administration page design and production for the Open Wonderland virtual world.

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Open Wonderland Web Site

Project Wonderland Web SiteWeb site design for Sun Microsystems virtual world platform, Open Wonderland

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